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Resources from In Focus: Health Care Reform

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In 2013, Southern California Grantmakers’ first In Focus program series focused on health care reform. Signed in to law in 2010, the staged implementation of the Affordable Care Act is rapidly impacting communities that we serve. Recognizing the need to understand and quickly adapt, SCG members will meet quarterly over one year to hear from experts about pressing changes and exchange ideas about ways funders can respond and prioritize emerging needs.

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Resources from Should Californians Welcome Social Impact Bonds?

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Resources from the May 10, 2013 California Philanthropy (Southern California Grantmakers, Northern California Grantmakers and San Diego Grantmakers) and CalNonprofits California Policy Forum webinar on recent advancements related to Social Impact Bonds.

Resources from Pathways to Preventing Gun Violence

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View the presentation by Dan Gross, President, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence at our 2013 Pathways to Preventing Gun Violence event.