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Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships


About the Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships

An initiative of Southern California Grantmakers, the Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships (CSPPP or Center) is a collaboration between government and philanthropy that is located within the Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection. 

Mission Statement

To transform Los Angeles County’s child welfare system through cross-sector partnerships.

What the Center Does

  • The Center builds relationships and create trust to work  together
  • The Center leverages private-sector financing and know-how to catalyze innovation

How the Center Does What It Does

The Center sets a table bringing together government, nonprofits, business, and philanthropy to identify pressing needs and set priorities  for  systems change. We  broker  and  bring  joint  initiatives  to  fruition—from  helping shape an idea to drafting the proposal to  securing  commitments from our partners, and all of the legwork in between.

Why the Center Does What It Does

Cross-sector partnerships have immense potential to transform our child welfare system and improve the lives of our County’s children.  These  partnerships  are  not  rocket  science, but  do take work, commitment, and strategic thinking. The Center’s value- add in this world is that we create the space to make these partnerships possible − we bring the time and effort, the right energy, and the view toward a larger goal that enables our partners, together, to truly change lives.

Read More About the Center

Check out the article "Los Angeles Foster Children and Those Who Care for Them" in the Fall 2017 Issue of UCLA Blue Print

The Center's Work

Los Angeles County is at an inflection point for our vulnerable kids and families. We have momentum here at the local level that gives us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make real change. This Center is a part of that momentum, and the initiatives listed below represent our efforts thus far. Our work is in the three areas of our Shared Agenda as well as cross-sector initiatives. They are at varying levels of incubation as illustrated by the Project Progress Key below. We welcome involvement in all ongoing efforts as well as ideas for other joint initiatives. Please contact Center Director Kate Anderson to learn more.

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