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CEQA Strategy Reform: A Strategy Discussion with Environmental and Health Policy Advocates

Monday, March 4, 2013
11:00am PST
This program is a webinar.
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Join a webinar on the environmental and public health communities’ strategies to defend and protect the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), known as California’s most important environmental law.

Enacted in 1970, CEQA requires state and local agencies to assess, disclose and minimize/mitigate environmental impacts of proposed projects. The law has been credited with giving Californians the ability to safeguard the health and well-being of their families and neighborhoods, and to protect their communities from environmental toxins and other hazards.

While there is ongoing debate about CEQA reform, this webinar will focus on efforts to defend and protect CEQA. The webinar will also explore:

  • basic provisions of CEQA and why it is California’s most important environmental law;
  • the nature of challenges to CEQA, and whether there is a case for reform;
  • the current political landscape, including the range of forces calling for an overhaul of CEQA and its most ardent defenders;
  • short and long-term strategies of the environmental and public health coalition that has mobilized to defend CEQA.


Moderated by Earl Lui, program director, The California Wellness Foundation, the discussion will also feature:

This program is presented in partnership with the Environmental Grantmakers Association, Health and Environmental Funders Network, Grantmakers in Health, Northern California Grantmakers, San Diego Grantmakers and Southern California Grantmakers.

Note: SCG strives to provide meaningful educational opportunities for members. While we partner on a range of programs, the opinions expressed in this program do not reflect those of SCG.