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Emergent Strategy Ideation Workshop

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
2:00pm - 3:30pm PST
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Join SCG on the 2021 National Day of Racial Healing for a virtual experience centering and uplifting the practices and knowledge of Black femmes. Lively conversations and workshops will guide us to remember, reciprocate, and reconnect with the gentle wisdom of nature.

The National Day of Racial Healing was established in 2017 as an annual convening of activists, artists, healers, changemakers, and community members that come together for dialogue and action towards much needed and long overdue racial healing in this nation.


Part 2: Emergent Strategy Ideation Workshop

Our second part of the 2021 National Day of Racial Healing focuses on the reciprocation and exchange of wisdom. This interactive workshop will introduce concepts from adrienne maree brown's book, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds. Participants will learn the principles that allow us to harness the power of change: adaptation, interdependence, collaborative ideation, transformative justice, and resilience through decentralization. This session will be dynamic and responsive while engaging bravery and conflict generatively. By exploring vulnerability and imagination practices, we can begin to create a future — beyond competition, binaries, linear, and short-term outcomes — and strengthen our commitment to a world that can hold each of us in a state of care, skill, and grace.


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PG Watkins


Paige PG Watkins is a nonbinary organizer, facilitator and organizational strategist from Detroit. PG believes that organizing and storytelling are interconnected and is committed to using both mediums to shift dominant oppressive narratives and change the material conditions of Black people in Detroit and beyond. Their experience with organizational development, grassroots organizing and facilitating intergenerational healing and visionary spaces has given them the tools to lead Black Bottom Archives (BBA) through a collaborative strategic planning process and create goals and priorities that will sustain BBA’s work and the legacy of Black Detroiters across time. PG Watkins is a founding member of Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100)’s Detroit chapter and a board member of the James & Grace Lee Boggs Center.


Part 1: Keepers of Ancestral Medicine Panel

Tuesday, January 19 | 10:00am - 11:30am

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