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Full Cost Project - Two-Day Workshop: Asking for and Funding Full Costs

Thursday, November 16, 2017 to Friday, November 17, 2017
Braille Institute
741 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029
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Nonprofit Finance Fund will lead this two-day workshop (two days of 6 hours of content + breaks and lunch) geared toward those at nonprofits and funders who would be implementing full cost practices within their respective organizations. Content is based around a case study organization that we will follow through our two days together. Participants will learn to analyze financial statements to understand a nonprofit organization’s business model and capital structure – essential components for determining full cost for an organization. In interactive activities, funder and nonprofit staff will work together to arrive at their full cost assessment for the case study organization. Activities are designed to switch up roles, with all participants acting as the case study organization’s executive director at one point, and as their funder at another point. The workshop will conclude with participants making a full cost funding request for the case study organization, and practicing due diligence questions as the funder considering the request.

PLEASE NOTE: We are asking that you send at least two but not more than three people from your organization to this training (both funders and nonprofits). If you are intending to implement a full cost approach after completing the training, it is important that you have some internal support for dialogue leading to real change as you go about this work. Having someone from your institution in the training will help ensure that you are not alone in this effort. We do, however recognize that some organizations may not be able to send two-to-three people for the training. To make an exception to this request, you should have substantial decision-making authority in your organization that you can move things forward on your own. If you are in this situation, please contact Annabelle Rosborough at [email protected] or 213-680-8866 x222 to discuss registration. 


Who Should Attend?

Funders: Those who implement strategy and engage in grantmaking – structuring grant awards, conducting site visits, and communicating with organizations to understand their needs – or any major due diligence activities.

  • Perhaps in a director role (e.g. President/CEO, Program Director, Program Officer, or Grants Manager), or are a grantmaker in a giving circle or smaller philanthropy operation, with authority and intention to implement a full cost approach internally.
  • You use or plan to use information from financial statements to assess organizational health.
  • If you attend and want your trustees and board members to learn about full cost grantmaking, perhaps invite them to the 90-Minute Workshop.

Nonprofits: Those who direct and implement strategy at a nonprofit, set budget goals, and determine asks in grantmaking requests.

  • Perhaps in an executive-level or program director roles (e.g. CEO/ED, CFO, COO, Director of Development, Board President/Treasurer, Chair of Finance or Budget Committee), with authority to implement a full cost approach internally.
  • Attendance of one Board member is required.
  • Criteria to participate: Have an annual budget of $750,000+ AND/OR have audited financial statements.
  • If you do not meet this criteria, we encourage you to participate in the one-day workshop.


No cost to participate

For Funders: Who May Attend/What type of funders are welcome? 
SCG, NCG, and SDG members only. All types of funders are invited to participate – Foundations of any size (community, private, and family), corporate giving programs, public charities, administrators of donor advised funds, giving circles, and individual philanthropists.

For Nonprofits: Who May Attend/What types of nonprofits are welcome? 
Nonprofits in any sector, with annual budgets of at least $750,000 and/or have audited financial statements. (These criteria exist to ensure that you have the organizational capacity to make this training worthwhile. This is a significant amount of time to invest in a training, and we want to make sure it is a worthwhile investment for you and your organization.)

Registration: See note above before registering your group!
Funders: register online. You must log in to your SCG account to register. 
Nonprofits: Please contact Annabelle Rosborough at [email protected] to register.