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Webinar - Funding Technology for Immigration Advocates

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
10:00am - 11:30am PDT
This program is a webinar.
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SCG is proud to partner with Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees for a national funder webinar on immigration and technology.

Technology is now fundamental to how so many of us work, play, and interact. Yet the tools it offers are only beginning to be integrated into how we pursue our goals as grantmakers. The creation of software that makes outreach, education, screening, and legal services more efficient is one such emerging effort—and it holds enormous promise.

While the Supreme Court’s deadlock vote in United States v. Texas has stalled administrative relief, there are still thousands of immigrants across the country that are eligible to regularize their status or move from green card holders to U.S. citizens. Screening software could be instrumental in such an effort.  Likewise, complementary organizing and advocacy efforts will benefit from tools that scale grassroots and grasstop efforts. However, challenges such as capacity building, access and maintenance of hardware, and collaboration between providers, requires thoughtful strategies amongst grantmakers and providers alike to implement technology solutions.

This conversation will feature leading experts in the field:

  • Matthew Burnett, Director, Immigration Advocates Network
  • Navin Moul, Immigration Program Officer, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Kavitha Sreeharsha, Portfolio Manager for Immigration, Emerson Collective

Join this webinar to learn about a recent survey of nonprofits by the Immigrant Advocates Network on technology gaps and needs, examples of emerging technologies in range of programs benefitting immigrants, funding strategies to foster and support technology innovation in the field.

No cost to participate

Who May Attend:
Open to grantmakers

Register online through the GCIR website.

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