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Events this week

Wed, 04/07/2021
10:00am - 11:30am
Join Philanthropy CA in partnership with Moss Adams for an informative conversation that explores important tax updates from the US Department of the Treasury, Congress, and the IRS regarding implications for tax-exempt organizations. CPA’s Lauren Haverlock and Ryan Stedman will address the... Read More
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Thu, 04/08/2021
9:00am - 10:15am
Family philanthropy is rooted in the act of collective decision making—one that is often codified in a formal governance structure. But what is governance and how can a family adopt its framework to effectively guide their philanthropy? Governance consists of three elements—principles, policies and... Read More
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Fri, 04/09/2021
10:00am - 11:30am
In philanthropy, ‘grassroots’ is often equated with ‘community’ and with ‘small-scale’. Grassroots solutions do come from the community, but they are not often small. And because grassroots solutions come from the people most impacted by the problem they seek to solve, they can be more effective... Read More
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