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Exchange for Urgent-Need Grants FAQ

Introduced in June 2018, the Exchange provides a participatory space visible only to SCG members to share urgent-need funding opportunities with each other and see who else is interested. To visit the Exchange, click here.


Is the Exchange open to all SCG members?

The Exchange is being piloted with family foundations, individual grantmakers, community foundations, donor-advised funds and philanthropy consultants members. During the pilot stage, we want to hear from you about its usefulness and how it might be improved!  We will be monitoring activity on the Exchange to help assess scalability across the full SCG membership in the future. If you’re an SCG member and would like to be added to the pilot group, please email [email protected].


What kind of opportunities can I post?

You’re free to post any time-sensitive funding need—such as emergency funding, matching grants, or other time-sensitive situations— for a vetted nonprofit that neither you nor your organization will directly benefit from. SCG members may post on behalf of external organizations for which they serve as volunteer board members. Philanthropy consultants may not post on behalf of their clients.


Do I need to be funding the opportunity in order to post it?

No, you may post opportunities whether or not you are funding them.


How do I post an opportunity?

Log in to the SCG website, and Submit An Opportunity.


What information is needed for a post?

You’ll need a short name & description of the funding opportunity; the total amount of funds needed; and the deadline by which the funds are required/requested. It’s also helpful to indicate the funding issue area and the geographic county(ies)/area(s) where the funds will be used. Additionally, you’ll need the agency’s name, federal EIN, and the name and email address of a point person at the agency whom SCG members may contact for further information. Always be sure to get the agency/contact’s approval before you post any opportunity.  


How long does a funding need stay posted?

When you post an opportunity, you choose a deadline date. The post rolls off the Exchange the day after that date.


What happens when I post?

You’ll receive a confirmation email that your opportunity posted. Additionally, an email will be sent to everyone else in the pilot group.


How will I find out about other posts?

You’ll receive an email notifying you whenever a new opportunity is posted. You may change your email preferences by clicking the appropriate link in any of those emails.


How do I support/fund an opportunity?

Reach out to the agency contact for further information, your SCG colleague who posted and/or any other SCG members who expressed an interest in the opportunity. The Exchange is designed as a collaborative space, so you’ll see an Express Your Interest/Take Action section where you can indicate your level of interest in an opportunity and connect with other interested funders.