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LA2050: Vision for a Successful Los Angeles

Publication date: 

The report, LA2050: Vision for a Successful Los Angeles, provides the history, context, recent developments, and next steps for LA2050.

It describes the metrics to track and reach the five LA2050 goals, as well as current data points that identify how far we have to go.

The report also shares recent grants made to local partners to make progress toward these goals, articulates the broad strategy of investments, partnership, and activation that, together, enable LA2050 to achieve a shared vision for a better Los Angeles by 2050.


Unleashing the Potential of Los Angeles: Submissions, Trends, and Impact from the My LA2050 Grants Challenge

Publication date: 

As part of the LA2050 initiative, the Goldhirsh Foundation launched the My LA2050 Grants Challenge for organizations to apply for $1,000,000 total in ten $100,000 awards.

During the My LA2050 Grants Challenge, 279 organizations submitted proposals that demonstrated passion and imagination to build a future where all Angelenos flourish.