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Elementary Students Learn About Renewable Natural Gas and Energy Efficiency with Help from SoCalGas and San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization

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Sixth graders at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Lemoore today got a close-up view of a natural gas fueled city sweeper truck and learned about natural gas safety and energy efficiency with the help of Southern

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Discovery Cube LA Updates Award-Winning Home Inspector Training Exhibit to Provide Energy Conservation, Affordability and Natural Gas Safety Information

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$100,000 shareholder donation from SoCalGas provides visitors the chance to learn about natural gas safety and how energy conservation can address air pollution, combat climate change


Drilling Deeper: Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing and Related Grantmaking Strategies

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Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is a process used in natural gas and oil drilling. New technology now allows drilling from previously inaccessible and unconventional sources, particularly shale. This has led to a surge in U.S. natural gas operations that already has had significant economic, social, environmental and health impacts. Drilling Deeper is a report designed to help grantmakers understand this complex issue and to provide an overview of funding priorities and challenges.

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