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Mental Health


In Focus: Health Care Reform - Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Monday, December 1, 2014
10:00am - 12:00pm
Center for Healthy Communities

As a follow-up to our member-led Peer Learning Lunch on Mental Health and Substance Abuse last August, we're holding an in-depth session exploring the complexity of h

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Pivoting Quickly: Responding Effectively to Unforeseen Health Challenges

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Our field is adept at planning grantmaking programs that are designed to address defined issues and can include components, phases, evaluations and other facets that strategically promote our respective missions. But what about the unforeseen? How can funders respond effectively and quickly to emerging issues?
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Support for Proposition 1 (Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond) and Proposition Two (No Place Like Home)

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Two ballot measures appearing on the November 6 ballot directly relate to the work of SCG members in the area of housing. Proposition 1, Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018, would generate $4 billion in bonds for housing and homeownership programs. Proposition 2, No Place Like Home, would clarify that a limited amount of revenue generated from Mental Health Services Act (2004) can be used for housing individuals with mental health needs.


Resources from the SCG 2018 Annual Conference

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Learn more about the SCG 2018 Annual Conference

In this time of deep division about the crucial challenges facing our communities and our country, #SCGAnnualCon18 brought together SoCal philanthropy leaders for cutting-edge learning and deep connection to explore what gives us hope, powers our work and binds us all together: Our Common Humanity.