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Public Policy Speaker Series: California State Senator Ben Allen in Conversation with Tara Roth

Monday, October 23, 2017
8:45am - 10:00am
California Community Foundation

The Public Policy Speaker Series provides SCG members the opportunity to engage with public officials and participate in meaningful discussions on the policy issues affecting Southern California and the state, and the role which philanthr

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2020 Census Crucial for Kern County Federal Allocation

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Numbers don’t lie—unless they are left out of an equation to begin with. When numbers are missing from a calculation, a deceptive void appears like a black hole that swallows otherwise important realities.

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Can Philanthropy Save a City?

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The cash-strapped city of Stockton is hoping so, courting millions of dollars from private investors
to solve a whole host of social problems.


Census 2020: How Is Philanthropy Responding to the Citizenship Question?

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The inclusion of the citizenship status question on the next census has funders and advocates even more worried about getting a full and accurate count in 2020. The concerns add to earlier warnings about low funding, access and data security.


Philanthropy Responds to Inhumane Family Separation and Detention Policies

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Nearly 120 philanthropic institutions from across the country have signed onto a joint statement in support of children and families seeking refuge in the United States.