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Program Manager

Program Manager
Job Description: 

The Program Manager is responsible for supporting the day-to-day activities of the organization’s national schools-focused music program. 

In their role, the Program Manager will support program growth in four areas: 
•    Instrument Grants - The donation of musical instruments to schools to support access in low-income communities.
•    Music Education District Support Services (MEDSS®) - Music-related supportive services that help school districts sustain high-quality, sequential music education programs.
•    Holland’s Heroes - A national consortium of music and arts education leaders committed to strengthening music education in schools. 
•    Music Rising - Emergency planning and resources to ensure the sustainability of school music programs. 

Reporting to the Program Director, the Program Manager will supervise the organization’s Program Associate and interface with the CEO, the Board of Directors, and other staff as needed while performing functions related to day-to-day program management.

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