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Blue Shield of California Foundation Wraps Up Strong Field Project to End Domestic Violence

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Strong Field Project is a four-year effort by Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Blue Shield Against Violence program. Started in 2010, the Project focused on building a stronger, more coordinated network of DV service providers in California. In collaboration with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Jemmott Rollins Group, and Women's Foundation of California, the Project developed individual leadership skills, stronger organizations, and networking and expanded knowledge-sharing opportunities across California’s domestic violence field. 

While the Strong Field Project (SFP) has officially come to a close after four remarkable years, its momentum forges onward as the torch is passed to leaders like you. 

To ensure that it continues to generate impact and remains a valuable resource for the field, the SFP will live-on in a variety of ways. In the coming months, be on the lookout for:

I. An updated and easier-to-navigate
II. New videos designed to highlight SFP accomplishments and motivate future leaders.
III. Ongoing SFP alumni activities and support for cross-sector collaboration.
IV. Continued partnerships and projects to light the path forward, including:

Leadership Development Program cohorts with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services; and

Regional Institutes with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, and additional capacity-building tools to be made available through the Partnership's website.

BSAV's new Director Marissa Tirona will continue to lead work in this area. The SFP legacy is one of deepened relationships and collaborative capacity across the field, with partners now equipped with stronger networks, tools, skills, and solutions.>> Access resources from the Strong Field Project here

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