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LA2050: Vision for a Successful Los Angeles - Report Released

Monday, July 27, 2015

LA2050 is a movement shaping the future of Los Angeles. Spearheaded by the Goldhirsh Foundation, LA2050 has looked at the health of the region along eight well-defined indicators of human development, and has made informed projections about where we’ll be in the year 2050 if we continue on this current path.

LA2050 believes in the power of Angelenos to shape the future of our region, aiming to ignite the creativity and passion of Angelenos to make LA’s story one of hope and progress for all.  The latest report from this initiative, LA2050: Vision for a Successful Los Angeles, provides the history, context, recent developments and next steps of this community-guided initiative. 

This report tracks the transition from eight indicators of the quality of life in our region:

  • Education
  • Income and employment
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Environmental quality
  • Public safety
  • Social connectedness
  • Arts and cultural vitality

To five, broad aspirational goals asserting that Los Angeles will be the best place to:

  • PLAY
  • LIVE

This report describes the metrics being tracked to reach these goals, as well as current data points that identify how far we have to go. The report identifies recent grants made to local partners to make progress toward these goals, and articulates the broad strategy of investments, partnership and activation that, together, enable us to achieve a shared vision for a better Los Angeles by 2050.