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Packard Foundation Releases 2014 Grantee Perception Report

Friday, December 12, 2014

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation (an SCG member and funder) engaged the Center for Effective Philanthropy to survey grantees and to prepare a Grantee Perception Report™ (GPR). The GPR is a confidential survey that provides a comprehensive assessment of grantee perceptions of performance, and compares the data to data from other foundations whose grantees were also surveyed.

Investing in this process helps funders understand how grantees view the impact of a foundation's work and how a foundation is doing overall with strategies and grants processes. For the 2014 GPR, Packard sent contact information for all active grants in fiscal year 2013 to CEP. 602 grantees completed the survey, giving a 56% response rate.

"The Grantee Perception Report allows us to reflect on the experiences and perceptions of our grantees and to inform our practice of philanthropy," stated Packard Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson. "While pleased with the overall ratings, we know that to maximize our effectiveness-and that of our grantees-there is always more that can be done. We will continue to strive to enrich the interactions and relationships we share with our grantees."

Read the full Grantee Perception Report. You can find more information about the report on the Packard website.


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