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A Post-Election Message from SCG President Christine Essel

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Friends, 
You’ve often heard me talk about “the SCG community” and “the SCG family.” In the aftermath of this divisive election, I feel the truth of that more than ever, and it gives me hope. Your passion for the future of our communities—your courage in listening and learning—the heartfelt connections that we create by learning and working together—these are the strengths that SCG and I will rely upon as we reach out for healing, dialogue, and partnership to help move our country forward. 
This election touches many of our lives personally, and it will affect all of us professionally in its impact on our sector and on public policy. At a practical level, we need tools and knowledge to keep advancing our work in a shifting landscape. On a larger level, philanthropy has a unique and crucial role to play in creating opportunities for everyone to thrive, here at home and across our nation. 
I know that there are many viewpoints across the broad range of SCG’s membership. I also recognize that our home base of Southern California handed significant victories to movements that many of our members have championed—from homelessness and justice reform to parks and public transit.
So, over the coming weeks and months, SCG’s staff and Board will be working hard to keep you informed about changes to federal, state, and local policies that could impact your work… and to support you in coming together with your SCG peers and the broader community. Please contact me personally at any time to share your questions, ideas, and experiences.
More than ever, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work in this sector, in this time and place, with leaders like you. There has never been a more important moment for us all to bring our best thinking, our clearest vision, and our deepest commitment to our work together. Thank you for being part of what is, truly, our SCG community.
From my heart,

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