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SCG CEO Chris Essel and SCG Members Featured in "The Give and the Get: The Future of Philanthropy"

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Green Hasson & Janks recently released their 2017 whitepaper on the nonprofit sector, The Give and The Get: The Future of Philanthropy. The paper is based on the firm's 2017 Nonprofit Survey and interviews with west coast nonprofit leaders, including SCG President and CEO, Christine Essel.

The whitepaper also features SCG members Fred Ali, President and CEO of the Weingart Foundation, and Stephen Bennett, Board Member at The California Endowment, as well as leaders of organizations that are strategic partners of SCG, like Nancy Berlin, Policy Director of the California Association of Nonprofits.

In her introduction to the report, Donella Wilson, Partner and Nonprofit Practice Leader at Green Hasson & Janks, notes “With changing government priorities and uncertain future funding at both the federal and state levels, there is an expectation that many grantmakers will play a different role than they have in the past—going beyond traditional grantmaking to explore other leadership roles, such as convener, advocate, or educator. At the same time, there is an expectation that grantees will increase their advocacy and capacity building efforts.”

In the white paper, Chris Essel discusses the evolving work of private philanthropy, including new ways funders can support the work of nonprofit partners beyond the grant, and the increasing importance of building strong partnerships across the public and for profit sectors.

"When funders come together around the table to learn and share, the potential for smart, strategic investments grows exponentially,” Essel shared. “And by joining forces with other partners within philanthropy, and building strong relationships across the public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors, private foundations can leverage their dollars for greatest impact. In the end, we aim to keep both foundations—and their nonprofit partners—out of reaction mode so they can focus instead on strong partnerships and long-term, sustainable impact.”

Essel also highlights the successes of the Center for Strategic Public Private Partnerships, an initiative housed in the LA County Office of Child Protection that brings together funders and public sector leaders to improve systems and services for vulnerable children.

Read the complete white paper here, or download a PDF using the link below.

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