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SCG's President's Message - December 2019

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dear SCG Community, 

This month, we are bringing to a close the Back to the Future blog series. Ever since the SCG 2019 Annual Conference, Foresight Philanthropy, we've been committed to exploring the future of key funding issues with some of our sector's most knowledgeable leaders. We hope these conversations have expanded your thinking and provided you with the insights necessary to maximize your future impact. 

We are concluding the series with two examples of futurism in action. In "Designing the Future of Health," we speak to Rachel Wick, Senior Program Officer at the Blue Shield of California Foundation, to learn about how the foundation has integrated strategic foresight into a new suite of health and wellness initiatives. Finally, we reconnect with Trista Harris, President of Future Good, to present her 2020 Predictions of the trends most likely to impact philanthropy in the coming year. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us envision a new future for the SCG network, the philanthropic sector, and the communities that we serve. In 2019, we began imagining what a radically just world could look like. In 2020, we look forward to build upon this future-focused vision with all of you. 

Until then, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 

Christine Essel
President & CEO, Southern California Grantmakers

Designing the Future of Health: Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Strategic Foresight 

Two years ago, the Blue Shield of California Foundation launched "Designing the Future of Health" for leaders looking to explore new ideas to improve health, end domestic violence, and expand their approach to social change. We spoke to Rachel Wick to discuss the foundation's implementation of foresight into their organizational strategies and the steps they're taking to build a more equitable future. 


Trista Harris' 2020 Philanthropy Predictions

Trista Harris, President of FutureGood, and her team of cutting-edge philanthropic futurists have curated a list of the trends most likely to impact foundations and nonprofits in the coming year. SCG is thrilled to share their 2020 predictions as the concluding piece to the Back to the Future blog series.



"Nothing Without Us": SCG's Journey to Inclusive Design

Dave Sheldon, Vice President of Collaboration & Community Building, reflects on SCG's ongoing efforts to implement the principles of universal design and accessibility into our organizational strategy, starting with our disability inclusion conference and most recently with our 2019 Annual Conference. 


Trends in Education Philanthropy: A Q&A with Celine Coggins

Celine Coggins, Executive Director of Grantmakers for Education, explores the shifting priorities of the education funding community over the past ten years and the emerging investment opportunities for education funders. 


The Future of Art Funding: A Conversation with Vijay Gupta and James E. Herr

James E. Herr, Program Officer at the Annenberg Foundation, and Vijay Gupta, Founder and Artistic Director of Street Symphony, explore the vital role of art in today's world and opportunities for artists and funders to strengthen their collaboration. 



What is the Future of Work?: A Conversation with Tracie Neuhaus and Michele Prichard

Tracie Neuhaus, Senior Manager of Monitor Institute by Deloitte, and Michele Prichard, Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Liberty Hill Foundation, tackle the trends emerging from our changing workforce and the role philanthropy can play in spearheading innovation for an equitable future.

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