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Statement Regarding Mass Murder in Thousand Oaks

Thursday, November 8, 2018

I can hardly believe that today brings news of another tragic mass murder by a gunman—this one in Thousand Oaks, California. My heart breaks with sadness, anger and frustration that we must face this together yet again, so soon after the horrific murders in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.

This incident hits too close to home, as it is unfolding in SCG’s geographic region, where so many of our friends and colleagues live and work. What should have been an evening of young people enjoying themselves has turned into another act of violence.

As if it bears repeating: this is madness. We keep saying that this cannot become the “new normal,” and yet, somehow it has become just that.

Newtown. San Bernardino. Orlando. Las Vegas. Parkland. Pittsburgh. Thousand Oaks.

And this is not even counting the thousands of gun-related acts of violence that shake our country every year.

There are days when we feel helpless against an ardent few who won’t even entertain the notion of common sense gun laws.

Today we mourn the loss of life in Thousand Oaks and across the country wrought by gun violence. Yet, as philanthropists and human beings, we must resolve to do better.

We at SCG are committed to providing resources for funders and connecting with members and partners close to the tragedy and those who are working against this nation’s epidemic of gun violence, so we can lift up ways for all of us to take action over the short and long term.


Christine Essel
President and CEO
Southern California Grantmakers




We encourage all of our members and other funders to share with us any resources or recommendations for dealing with tragedies and disasters of this sort. 



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