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The Women's Foundation of California RFP: Bridge to Living Wage Initiative

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Does your organization have a proven track record in advancing and improving the skills of, and/or supports available to, low-skilled workers? If so, the Women’s Foundation of California invites you to apply for a grant from our Bridge to Living Wage Initiative. We are seeking to support programs that increase training completion, employment and advancement of low-income, low-skilled women in health careers through the enhancement of existing workforce programs.


Women’s Foundation of California (the Foundation). For over 30 years the Foundation has not been just a grantmaker, but a relentless advocate for social change. As a publicly supported foundation, we raise every dollar that we use for strategic grantmaking, public policy and bringing together innovative women leaders. We have built up a dynamic network comprised of dedicated donor activists, leaders and grassroots organizations working throughout the state.
Bridge to Living Wage Initiative

The health care sector is one of the largest employers in California, providing a wide range of job options to residents of both urban and rural areas. With rapid population growth and expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the demand for high quality health care services is increasing. While it is encouraging to see growth in the health care industry, one challenge is that the sector reflects the low wages and nominal benefits found in many other service occupations. The personal care and home health aide occupations are examples of an economic challenge that requires a new approach to ensure that workers can make ends meet. Women working as personal care and home health aides typically earn wages at or near the federal minimum wage, earning a median of $9.70 per hour (or $20,170 per year) nationwide. Yet according to Wider Opportunities for Women’s Basic Economic Security Table (BEST) Index, the income needed for a single mom with two children to have basic economic security is $57,756 per year—or just over $27 per hour. Even without kids, women need $30,012 per year on average—or nearly two times the federal minimum wage—in order to maintain basic economic security. 

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