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Dear Colleagues,Please join me in welcoming to the blog Seyron Foo, SCG’s Statewide Director of Public Policy and Government Relations! As a guest blogger, Seyron will share an update on our recent trip to Washington, D.C. with a delegation of grantmakers representing our Philanthropy California... Read more
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On April 6th, three hundred SCG members from across Southern California gathered for our largest-ever Public Policy Conference. For nearly half  of them, it was their first time attending this annual gathering focused on the intersection of philanthropy and policy. For SCG, it was the first time... Read more
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Thanks to all of you for being here. We have over 300 SCG members who will be joining us today, by far our biggest policy conference ever - in fact we had to put up a “sold out” sign for the first time several weeks ago! And it’s easy to guess why. Perhaps our membership is just a bit more... Read more
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Dear Colleagues,In March, I was in Washington, D.C. with an impressive delegation of California funders for Foundations on the Hill. Now, as April begins, SCG will hold our sold-out Public Policy Conference. It’s easy to see why the SCG community is more engaged with public policy than ever before... Read more
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Despite strong economic growth, California continues to struggle with high rates of child poverty. Adverse circumstances faced by young children can have long-term physical, social, and behavioral consequences—negatively affecting their future education and economic well-being. A nuanced... Read more
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The California Community Foundation (CCF) will immediately award $1.4 million in rapid response grants to 19 organizations as part of its coordinated commitment to immigrant inclusion and protection.These grants deliver critical support to organizations providing impacted communities with Know Your... Read more
Over the past few weeks, we've witnessed a new administration work daily to roll back rights our communities have fought hard to win, putting in jeopardy everything from immigrants' rights and economic security to educational equity and women's health.At the same time, and despite the increasingly... Read more
This past week saw an event that was a watershed moment in the world of philanthropy and private foundations in the Los Angeles region. We engaged in a full-day conversation about equity, inequality, and inclusion in the promise of America. The catalytic development for this gathering was a “coming... Read more
Dear Colleagues,Just last month, we observed the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, which led to the  incarceration of tens of thousands of our Japanese-American neighbors during World War II (you can visit the Japanese American National Museum exhibit to learn more). The marking of this... Read more
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What would Measure H do?Measure H is a proposal on the L.A. County ballot that would raise the sales tax by one-quarter (1/4) of a cent. The revenues would go to provide services for the homeless. The tax applies to all the cities within the County of Los Angeles and would be in effect for ten... Read more