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Our Staff

Christine Essel

President and Chief Executive Officer

Monica Banks

Public Policy Intern

Morgan Bennett

Senior Manager, Member Engagement

Amanda Byrd

Vice President, Membership and Communications

Jacqueline Carrillo

Coordinator, Programs and Conferences

Barbara Dibs

Senior Associate, Membership

Rachel Doria

Manager, Grants and Membership

Brenda Estrada

Associate, Finance and Operations

Seyron Foo

Director, Public Policy and Government Relations

Karen Freeman

Chief Operating Officer, SCG / Chief Administrative Officer, Philanthropy California

Yolanda Gipson

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Kameron Green

Director, Professional Development Programming

Crystal Hand

Associate, Statewide Technology

Jan Kern

Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Adele Lee

Director, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation - Los Angeles (TRHT-LA)

Jessica LeTarte

Coordinator, Collaboration and Community Building

Steve Levin

Director, Communications

Tuly Martinez

Director, Programs and Conferences

Karla Mercado

Senior Manager, Public Policy and Philanthropy California

Bethanie Milteer

Associate, Programs and Conferences

Phuong Pham

Director, Statewide Technology

Dave Sheldon

Vice President, Collaboration and Community Building

Eric Schroer

Public Policy Fellow


Sonny Abegaze

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation - Los Angeles (TRHT-LA) Consultant

Nancy Berglass

Veterans Issues Consultant

Ron Milam

Environmental Consultant

Gita Murthy Cugley

SCG LA County Child Welfare Collaborative

Lisa Cleri Reale

Corporate Consultant