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SCG Program Materials

Resources from 'Improving the Well-Being of Children and Families: The Potential of Data Linkage'

Post date: 12.08.16

If you are interested in receiving the Children's Data Network Newsletter please visit their website

Resources from 'Season of Giving'

Post date: 12.05.16

For more information about the tools received during the Season of Giving Program, please follow the links below:

Resources from Matthew Recovery: Funders Voices from the Field Webinar

Post date: 11.30.16

CDP Webinar Summary Attached

Resources from Building Collaboration from the Inside Out (OC and LA)

Post date: 11.10.16

Building Collaboration from the Inside Out - California Collaboration Workshop
November 1-3, 2016

Resources from Mapping the Environment to Identify Community Needs

Post date: 10.28.16

Should you have any further questions, or if you would like a more thorough mapping demonstration, please feel free to contact the mapmakers directly: