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Public Policy | Agenda

SCG’s Public Policy Team organizes grantmakers to develop and strengthen philanthropy's voice in public policy. We envision a collaborative philanthropic sector that catalyzes and shapes public policy for an equitable and vibrant Southern California. We achieve this vision through public-private partnerships, strategic cross-sector convenings, evaluation of public services, and policy advocacy.

Our policy work includes heightened coordination with our statewide initiative, Philanthropy California, to study, dialogue, demonstrate and advocate for policies that support community-led solutions. 

We equip grantmakers to learn about and focus on the following: 

  • Child Welfare
  • Economic Inclusion
  • Environment
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Immigrant Communities
  • Issues Affecting Philanthropy and Nonprofits
  • Justice Reinvestments
  • Social Safety Net
  • Veterans Affairs 

The SCG Public Policy Committee will consider adding agenda items as appropriate and relevant.

  • Child Welfare: We advocate using philanthropy’s convening role to advance public policy that supports the healthy development of children. We bring together different governmental agencies and nonprofit partners to identify opportunities for effective systems change while enabling grantmakers with less policy background to participate in this process. 
  • Justice Reinvestments: We support justice reinvestment efforts that advance sentencing reform; promote alternatives to incarceration; invest in prevention; and increase successful civic, economic, and social reentry.
  • Economic Inclusion: We support an inclusive market economy that ensures anyone, regardless of their race, gender, age or other circumstance, over which they have no control, has full and fair access to economic opportunity, including economic, workforce, and financial development. 
  • Environment: We believe that the environmental health of our communities is a key component for a vibrant society. We primarily focus on climate change resiliency and air and water quality in our region.
  • Housing and Homelessness: Affordable housing is essential for our communities. We support public investments in permanent supportive housing for persons experiencing homelessness, tax policies that support affordable housing and community development, and streamlining of approvals for the construction of affordable housing. 
  • Immigrant Communities: We believe civic, economic, and social immigrant inclusion contributes to a thriving California. We stand for federal immigration policies and practices that provide fair and humane treatment, including the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; ensuring that immigrants can safely access vital social services; and guaranteeing immigrants are counted in the 2020 Census. Furthermore, we support inclusive comprehensive immigration reform efforts that safely enable people to become citizens.  
  • Social Safety Net: We recognize that the cross-cutting social safety net plays an essential role in ensuring that Californians have access to social services that offer a greater quality of life, including, but not limited to health care, food security, and housing. While government is primarily responsible for public programs, we also recognize philanthropy’s ability to re-imagine government through collective impact and partnerships. These partnerships can lead and have led to innovative pilot programs that make government more responsive. We equip grantmakers to become involved in this process while adamantly opposing changes that unsustainably shift the responsibility to philanthropy and nonprofits.
  • Veterans Affairs: We support systems change efforts that ensure veterans and their families safely reintegrate into their communities and that veterans reliably receive the benefits and supports which their service guarantees. 
  • Issues Affecting Philanthropy and Nonprofits: We believe in advancing public policy that nurtures our nation’s philanthropic and nonprofit sectors to strengthen and grow our civil society. We do so by protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship and fair tax policy that promotes charitable giving.