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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders

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The Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders (SAFSF) is an international network of grantmakers that works to foster communication, shared learning, and information exchange about issues connected to sustainable agriculture and food systems. SAFSF seeks to carry out its mission by providing opportunities for collaboration, increasing awareness of the issues as well as funding needs, and expanding beyond the current membership to increase support and funding for organizations that (i) promote sustainable and just food production; (ii) link to concerns about sustainability and justice of our food system; and/or (iii) connect food production with issues of environmental stewardship, diet and heath, and viability of communities.

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Open only to grantmakers. Paid membership required.
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Food Systems

United Way Home For Good Funders Collaborative (SCG Partner Group)

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The Home For Good Funders Collaborative is a group of public and private funders that have come together to invest in critical solutions to help end homelessness in Los Angeles County. Essential to this work is investing in permanent supportive housing. Prior to the 2011 launch of the Funders Collaborative, each funder distributed their resources in isolation, leaving housing providers to cobble a multitude of funding sources, and preventing funders from leveraging their dollars in a manner that ensured the greatest impact. We have addressed these challenges by bringing together public and private funders to create maximum impact with our limited resources.

Since it first launched, the Home For Good Funders Collaborative has coordinated and leveraged hundreds of millions of dollars in private and public resources, helping move thousands of homeless individuals into permanent housing. This work involves scaling permanent housing with supportive services, such as attention to mental and physical health needs, connection with mainstream benefits, work force development, and number of other tailored services that help with the transition from street to housed, and help individuals remain housed once placed.

The funding leveraged by the Funders Collaborative is phenomenal but the full value of the partnership goes well beyond this financial measure. The Funders Collaborative yields tremendous strategic vision and unique partnerships that create new opportunities to bolster permanent housing and supportive services. One example is the coordinated entry system, which streamlines the housing outreach, navigation, and placement process. This system was first piloted in Skid Row in 2013 and now serves as the model for communities around the nation.

Our table is always open to new funders. Please join us at a monthly meeting to find out more.

Membership Criteria: 
Open only to grantmakers