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5 Reasons to Use the GEO Conference App

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Saturday, March 1, 2014
Danielle ReyesSenior Program Officer for Economic Security and Strong Nonprofit Sector work, Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation

You may be wondering if the the GEO Conference App is really worth your time, energy, and battery life.  Perhaps like me, you've tried conference apps before, but they were so limited in functionality that, crest fallen, you begrudgingly resorted back to the pocket-size paper schedule that was in a font too small to see, even with your glasses on.  Let's be clear, the purpose of a good conference app is to make a day in the life of a conference attendee easier, happier even!  Well, I'm pleased to say that at first pass, the GEO Conference App delivers more than expected.  I mean, they had me at 16 icons, but for those of you who need more concrete assurance that this isn't just GEO trying to be cooler than everybody else, I have 5 compelling reasons why it really is worth using!

  1. It's, really! Downloading the GEO Conference App to my Samsung phone and my iPad was fast and glitch-free.  This app was designed for all and is pretty user-friendly.  HINTS: Use this link ( or type "GEO Funders" in the app store search box, which will get you to the right app...unless, of course, you've been in the market for having a little fun with geometry.
  2. Let me check MY schedule!  The app puts all of the session info at your fingertips and not only lets you view the full schedule at a glance, but you can make your own personal schedule by selecting the sessions you are most interested.  Now if you could import it into your Outlook calendar that would be even year!
  3. ONE stop shopping! The GEO Conference App gives you access to more than session info.  You'll find bios, participant info, resources, note-taking options, photos and video, and if you are inclined, you can access the #2014GEO Twitter feed or instantly send your new opening plenary BFF a LinkedIn in request, right from the app!
  4. GPS!  Okay, not quite, but with the hotel map feature under "Venue" you'll never get lost finding a session again!  So if you do end up going to the furthest point possible from your session, it's only because you're trying to get your daily steps in. 
  5. It's lighter than AIR!  Not only does the GEO Conference App weigh less than printed conference materials, it won't give you paper cuts, and it truly is so much more useful!  Besides, carrying paper conference materials is so 2013.


And there you have it!  5 reasons, a teaser really, of the fun that is waiting for you.  So take out that mobile handheld device and download it now!

Danielle M. Reyes is the senior program officer for Economic Security and Strong Nonprofit Sector work at the Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation in Washington, DC. 

Twitter: @danielle_reyes

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