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Update on California's Self-Response Rate for the 2020 Census

Publication date: 
Thursday, September 10, 2020

By Karla Mercado

With all the challenges and hurdles, the 2020 Census will wrap up on September 30th. California has yet to surpass its 2010 Self-Response Rate (SRR) of 68.2 percent. As of late August, California’s SRR was 66.1 percent.  Los Angeles County is still 5.8 percent points below its final 2010 points.  Many efforts were drastically altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, everyone continues to ramp up their work during these last weeks to ensure that California receives its adequate funding and representation for communities for the next decade. For example, in California, philanthropy mobilized over $26 million in the past two years to support non-partisan Census 2020 efforts. The State also recently deployed over $10 million of non-response follow-up funding to double down on 2,000 census tracts. 

As we approach the final weeks of our census efforts, we must continue to encourage everyone to fill out their census and support grantees and our communities as they make the final push to ensure all Californians are counted. We must also remember that the work is not over. Our census data will redraw the lines that uphold our democracy through our redistricting process. The work and impact we have created through our census tables, coalitions, and collaborations can guide future work. SCG and Philanthropy CA will continue our work through our Fair Representation Fund. We also encourage you to remain connected to the California Census 2020 Statewide Funders’ Initiative.

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