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CSH Supportive Housing Summit

Publication date: 
Friday, January 4, 2019

The CSH Supportive Housing Summit 2019 will activate cross-sector collaboration and partnerships, connecting the dots with supportive housing. Leaders from many professional fields important to supportive housing, including healthcare, education, child welfare, workforce development, IDD, justice reform, addiction, community planning and others will gather in Indianapolis, IN. 

Interested in facilitating a session at CSH Summit 2019? Check out our Request for Qualifications.



  • Most extensive and diverse network of national leaders; all together, engaged in one dynamic forum.
  • It is more than learning, it is doing.
  • CSH Summit 2019 is focused on giving participants the tools and support they need to activate and bring supportive housing to scale in their communities.
  • A platform for “Connecting the Dots” with multiple sectors through leadership networking.
  • A great place for silo-busting.
  • Ideal for building the collaboration and partnerships needed to get the job done.
  • Hosted in a state where the model of a close working relationship and connections among providers, funders, policymakers and advocates is making supportive housing a reality.
  • Your gateway to the voice of those with lived experience.
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