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Family Philanthropy Newsletter: October 2019

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
IN THIS ISSUE: Policy Analysis of Key Philanthropic Issues, Featured Programs and Events, Community Updates, Resources, and more. 


This issue, we've invited Seyron Foo, to discuss two timely policy issues affecting our communities. We believe that having a holistic perspective on key trends and issues in our sector will lead to more informed and productive philanthropy. If you have and policy-related questions, please reach out to Seyron directly. 


Private Foundations Excise Tax: Is the End of the Two-Tier System Near?

Congress is once again considering simplifying the private foundation excise tax to one tax rate and that may affect you in the future. Currently, private foundations must pay a 2 percent excise tax on investment income. This 2 percent tax may be lowered to a 1 percent excise tax on investment income if the foundation’s grantmaking exceeds the average distribution rate in the preceding 5 years. 



Opposing the Proposed Changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SCG opposed the proposed changes to the SNAP eligibility criteria that would take away vital food benefits from 230,000 Californians. As a philanthropic serving organization amplifying the work of our members, we organized SCG members who fund our regional food banks to submit public comments, arguing that philanthropy cannot replace the scope and scale of vital anti-hunger services. 





Financial Pitfalls for Private Foundations 

Monday, October 28 | 9:30AM - 11:30AM
Join SCG, Moss Adams, and RBC Wealth Management, for a financial literacy program led by Moss Adams Senior Managers and CPA’s, Lauren Haverlock and Matt Parsons. This workshop will provide you with the tools needed to navigate the common financial and compliance pitfalls affecting private foundations.

Topics will include: Grant Making Best Practices and Tax Considerations, Financial Reporting and Tax Reporting for Alternative Investments, Scholarships and Grants to Individuals, Tricky Self-dealing, Governance Best Practices, and more. 



Join the Family Foundation Information Exchange

For 16 years, SCG has supported family foundation leaders with a special peer-learning opportunity called the Family Foundation Information Exchange (FFIX) where family members and professional come together five times per year to create opportunities for informal collaboration, efficiency, and support. If you're interested in becoming a member of a FFIX group, please contact Jan Kern, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at [email protected]


Access the Exchange for Urgent Needs Online Portal

We encourage our SCG family foundation members to use SCG's online portal, the Exchange for Urgent Needs, which addresses timely responses to funding needs, that if unmet, would not go forward. This site also allows for members to post time-sensitive funding needs and stay informed of what other grantmakers are funding. To visit or post an opportunity on the Exchange, log in to your SCG account below. 



Attend Traditions of Giving

Save-the-Date: December 4, 2019
Organized by SCG’s Family Philanthropy Advisory Council, Traditions of Giving is a time to step back with friends and colleagues and reflect on inspirational stories of giving. This year’s program is intentionally designed to create a space for empathy through a shared meal and compelling dialogue. We hope you'll join us. Details are forthcoming. 



Two Great Losses

Remembering Jan McCoy Miller

On September 16 Jan McCoy Miller passed away from pancreatic cancer following a rigorous 15 month treatment.  Jan lived her life with grace, dignity and generosity. She treated her diagnosis as a journey and continued to enjoy her time with family and friends, including hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Jan was a “founding member” of the original FFIX group and participated actively over the past 16 years. She was committed to making a difference in our community, especially in the lives of children having served as a CASA volunteer for 25 years. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 19*  at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church at 2:00 p.m.

*This date was updated to reflect the correct date of the service. Please disregard the date communicated via our Family Philanthropy newsletter.


Remembering Barron Hilton

We would also like to remember the life and legacy of Barron Hilton, who passed away in early September. Barron was a daring, compassionate, and resilient spirit who built an astounding career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Barron served as the board chair of the Hilton Foundation from 2007 to 2012, where he was particularly involved with policy matters and strengthening the direction of the Foundation. Barron has planned for 97% of his net worth to be donated to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which will now be led by his successor, president, and chief executive officer Peter Laugharn. We are pleased that family member and Hilton Foundation Program Associate, Justin McAuliffe, is an active member on the Family Philanthropy Advisory Council.

Recapping Journeys to Equity

SCG partnered with Exponent Philanthropy on Sept 10th to present Journeys to Equity: Bringing Inclusive Practices to Your Philanthropy, which explored the different approaches that funders can take to implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Attendees were left inspired by stories and armed with concrete actions to adapt specific DEI related principals to their funding goals.

A “Special” Convening by the Specialty Foundation

For the past year the Specialty Family Foundation(SFF) has been convening six of their West LA Poverty & Substance Treatment Grantees in a collaborative working group facilitated by Dr. Christine Grella and Dr. Howard Padma of the UCLA Integrated Substance Use Department .  Through SFF’s “Joint Westside Agency Planning” project, grantees have agreed to collaborate to identify common solutions that will reduce substance use and harm amongst their clients.  SFF is currently considering a $100,000 grant to fund a request brought forward by this collaborative, community-led process that addresses substance abuse in a large-scale, ambitious, evidence-based manner.




After just a year, Beth Tigay has been named Executive Director of the Fineshriber Foundation, which focuses on addressing the critical needs of children and families facing persistent poverty. 


A familiar face to family philanthropy, Brad Myers has assumed the role of Vice President of the William H. Tilley Foundation.

Congratulations to Wendy Chang who was recently honored with the Champions for Change Award by the Center for the Pacific Asian Family, the only agency that provides shelter for victims of Asian domestic violence in Los Angeles. 


Nicholas A. Tedesco has been selected as the new President and CEO of the National Center for Family Philanthropy and will officially assume his role on December. Ginny Esposito and Nick will work in tandem as she transitions to the role of Senior Fellow at the beginning of 2020.


Congratulations to Marcus F. Walton who assumed his role as the new president and CEO of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations in September. 



Stable Road Foundation

The Stable Road Foundation works with transformative organizations spanning several areas of interest to invest in the well-being of our global community. 

Rasmussen Foundation 

The Rasmussen Foundation identifies and enable the finest in education and research in curing neurodegenerative disease.


William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

For over 50 years, The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation has supported efforts in education, environmental preservation, women's issues, performing arts, strengthening Bay Area communities, and making the philanthropy sector more effective. 





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OCT 17 A Conversation with New & Graduating CEO's

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