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Health Indicators for Women in Los Angeles County

Publication date: 
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This report describes the current status of women’s health and wellbeing in Los Angeles County using standard indicators that measure social and economic health determinants, health status, health care access, health behaviors, incidence and prevalence of selected health
conditions, and cause-specific mortality rates. Data are stratified by race/ethnicity and by Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to better understand disparities that exist. Where available and appropriate, Los Angeles County health indicators are compared to Healthy People 2020 targets,
which are the benchmarks that our nation is striving to achieve.

This 4th edition of the report includes some important changes and new topics/indicators. One significant change is that the Asian/Pacific Islander race/ethnicity category previously used throughout the report has been replaced with an Asian alone category due to changes in how
data is categorized and reported, and due to input from the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander community advocating to be removed from the Asian grouping. Examples of new topic areas include discrimination, emotional well-being, and access to health coverage. In addition, new indicators are included on access to family planning, use of e-cigarettes, depression, skin cancer, and chronic liver disease.

Finally, in the Special Health Topics section, the health of American Indian/Alaskan Native and Homeless women is highlighted. Other special health topics focus on important determinants of health in the Economic Security and Well-Being, Trauma and Stress Among Mothers, and Educational Level and Health pages.