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Moral Injury


May 28, 2019

Japanese American History Museum
100 N Central Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

On Tuesday, May 28th from 6pm – 8pm there will be a reception at the Japanese American History Museum to hear firsthand about the work on "Moral Injury" being spearheaded by the Volunteers of America (VOA) and UCLA. Leadership from both organizations along with LA County Department of Mental Health Director Dr. Jonathan Sherin will be there to share more about their respective organizations' work and about a groundbreaking conference on moral injury that will follow in the immediate days just after the reception.

Moral Injury is the term used to describe the sense of violation, shame, guilt and anger that one experiences when challenged by actions violating an established moral or ethical sense of conduct. While moral injury first emerged in research on military veterans, anyone who works in high-stakes situations or who has endured trauma can experience it. Given the growing focus upon the topic, VOA is partnering with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health for a three day conference on moral injury and recovery on the USC campus from Wednesday May 29th to Friday May 31st, the largest gathering of its kind.

The Conference will offer everyone a chance to gain deeper knowledge of Moral Injury and learn recovery strategies for military veterans, for people seeking spiritual counseling, for people using mental health services, and for new populations and professionals whose work includes physical and emotional care like family caregiving, social work, medicine, and chaplaincy. New applications of Moral Injury will include religious communities, the incarceration and child welfare systems, social movements, and caregiving work.

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