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Toolkit for Affinity Funder Groups Working on Public Policy

Publication date: 
Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How can funders work together to have an impact on public policy? 

PolicyWorks for Philanthropy has been asking this question as part of an effort to help affinity groups use policy engagement as a strategy to achieve shared program goals. The most common answer we’ve heard: you need to ask the right questions. Public policy work is hard. collaborative work is hard. Add the two together and you get a complex enterprise. There have been no magic formulas or can’t-miss strategies. Determining why and how to take on policy work requires steady inquiry, analysis, strategy, openness, and horsepower. But the results can be significant. We’ve taken what we’ve learned so far and turned it into this draft toolkit that can help affinity groups engaging in policy work determine how well they’re set up for success. 

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