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Incarcerated Firefighters: At the Intersection of Abolition,...

As California wildfires devastate communities throughout the state, significant financial, material and human resources are deployed to support recovery and reduce their threats on communities. Despite the well-publicized socioeconomic and health impacts of wildfires and philanthropic support, little attention is paid to the experience and needs... Read More

Accounting For The Non-Accountant: Growing Your Nonprofit...

Do you understand how to interpret the information in a nonprofit's financial statements, and do you know enough to spot a red flag or ask questions? For board members, executives, and management, having a good understanding of an organization’s financial statements is critical to plan for the future, build capacity, fund, and prevent fraud. But... Read More

Investments in COVID-19 Recovery and Public Health

Public health infrastructure underpins many important priorities — such as keeping the economy open and children in classrooms. California’s COVID-19 response confirmed that our health systems were ill-prepared for such a crisis, and public health officials know another crisis is not a matter of if, but when. Congress responded quickly to fund the... Read More

Funder Briefing: Pacific Islanders Leading for an Equitable...

COVID-19 made starkly visible the disparities in our society. Nowhere was this more clear than for the Pacific Islander (PI) community in California. The data that is available shows that this community was perhaps the hardest-hit by COVID-19 of any other racial or ethnic group. Philanthropy and policymakers are engaged in discussions about what... Read More

Build Your Resilience and Navigate Change with Gratitude...

One of the biggest amplifiers of stress is change. Change is constant. What is not constant is the pace of our ability to adapt to change. The practice of gratitude builds resilience. Why gratitude? The brain has a biological bias to focus on the negative. This bias amplifies our stress. The state of our emotional well-being shapes how we show up... Read More

Inland Empire Funders Alliance Meeting - August 2021

The Funders Alliance is a collaborative network of organizations with significant formal grantmaking activities in the Inland Empire region of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties that have joined together to increase communication, coordination, and collaboration. Grantmakers interested in learning more about the region for potential funding are... Read More

What's New at SCG

BY EDDY GONZALEZ   “When you look down, your brain shifts to an egocentric point of view, centered only on you and yourself,”... more

2021-2022 provides Southern California Grantmakers with an opportunity to manifest our vision and values through public policy... more

The SCG Public Policy team welcomes Aimee Pila-Bravo as the Director of the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative and is pleased to... more


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