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Gratitude Circles: Self-care + Shared Connection + Synchronicity

This moment is not about going back to normal. It’s an invitation to reimagine our collective future. We take inspiration from nature which shows us that when we grow together, more blooming is still possible. Why do we talk about gratitude through the lens of self-care, shared connection, and synchronicity? Gratitude is a social emotion. When we... Read More

A Healthier California for All: Understanding Changes to Medi-...

California is at a pivotal moment to capture the innovation pioneered by community groups and philanthropy through an overhaul of our healthcare system. In 2019, the California Department of Health Care Services released a comprehensive proposal to reform our state’s Medi-Cal program, one of the largest health programs in the world. Known as the... Read More

The Power of Connectivity: How Internet Innovators are Closing...

Join the Michelson 20MM Foundation on May 20, 2021, for The Power of Connectivity: How Internet Innovators Are Closing the Digital Divide. As COVID-19 brought the urgent need for rapid and comprehensive connectivity solutions to the fore. In response, inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and other innovators from public and private sectors... Read More

SCG’s Returning to Work Series: California Workplace Harassment...

While the pandemic has profoundly changed California’s work environments and employer operations, the importance of understanding state law requirements for workplaces remains unchanged. In 2019, several new laws targeting sexual harassment in the workplace were introduced, including California’s Senate Bill 1343, which expands existing harassment... Read More

Friday Morning Refresh: Session 5

Current conditions continue to place enormous demands on us. Still, we have cause for hope: bold new leadership in many places, budgetary step stones toward a just recovery, and a rising tide of action to disrupt systemic racism. Now, as always, we are each asked to bring clarity, generosity, and courage to our efforts to heal, reimagine, and... Read More

Climate Resilience Investments in Southern California: The...

Locally in Southern California, more than a billion dollars of public funding is now available to support critical investments in green infrastructure, housing, parks, and transportation through Measures W, H, A, and M, commonly known as WHAM. State and federal stimulus efforts will likely mean even more funding is on the way. But is our region... Read More

What's New at SCG

BY EDDY GONZALEZ   Last year, the Specialty Family Foundation’s team and its Board of Directors began the stimulating and... more

Friends and colleagues,     It was a pleasure to address you at SCG's 2021 Public Policy Conference, and my sincere thanks go to... more

The piece below was based on SCG's program "Equitable Vaccine Distribution with Blue Shield and the State of California" hosted... more


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