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2019 National Day of Racial Healing

Los Angeles is often perceived as a culturally and racially progressive metropolis; A famously mythic city where many escape to for promises of diversity, free-thinking ideals, and a new way of living.  However, just beyond the mirage, our communities bustle, moving within and through the city’s history of and present-day struggles with... Read More

Funders Census Initiative Briefing Series: Census 2020...

The Funders Census Initiative is pleased to continue this briefing series on census messaging results in partnership with the Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup. Last year, national field partners were funded to conduct get-out-the-count messaging research to identify messages that resonate with hard-to-count communities. As more... Read More

Arts in Education Action Forum: Catalyzing Change Across...

A quality arts education equips students with the skills they need to succeed in school, career and life; especially in LA County where one in eight jobs is generated by the creative industries. Yet, not all 1.5 million students attending public schools in LA County have access to high quality arts education. Grantmakers have an important role... Read More

California Criminal Justice Funders Group Meeting - Supporting...

The California Criminal Justice Funders Group is very excited to announce our first funder briefing for 2019.  For the past few months our consultants have been researching the existing fellowship programs for formerly incarcerated people within the criminal justice field in CA. At this meeting, we will release the results of this... Read More

Addressing Implicit Bias in Philanthropy—Full-Day Workshop

Dr. Marks’ engaging and interactive workshop builds off of the popular breakout session from the SCG annual conference.  It will not only provide a clear description of implicit bias, but also describe its causes, consequences, measurement, potential solutions, and implications for philanthropic and grantmaking organizations.  Join... Read More

Smart Growth California’s 2019 Funder Summit

These challenging times call for funders to lead in bold new ways, especially here in California. A better future for all Californians, especially low-income communities and communities of color, will require unprecedented levels of innovation, collaboration and action. At Smart Growth California’s 2019 Funder Summit you will... Read More

What's New at SCG

    Corneil Montgomery, Vice President and Senior Regional Officer of Corporate Social Responsibility at member Bank of the West... more

The Board of Directors of Archstone Foundation announces the appointment of Christopher A. Langston, PhD as its new President and... more

By Christine Essel, President & Chief Executive Officer, Southern California Grantmakers More than 8,000 Starbucks stores... more


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